Bruker NMR 實驗室帳戶資訊安全

各位 Bruker NMR 的使用者


若無意間得知他人實驗室帳戶密碼,請通知該實驗室人員換新密碼,並且嚴禁隨意登入他人實驗室帳戶,有任何問題請通知 NMR 管理員。

NMR 管理小組


To all users of Bruker NMR,

The account passwords of each laboratory are crucial for the security of the laboratory data. Please exercise caution and ensure that these passwords are kept confidential and not disclosed to others.

If you accidentally come across the account password of another laboratory, please inform the personnel of that laboratory to change the password immediately. It is strictly prohibited to log in to someone else's laboratory account without authorization. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the NMR management team.

NMR Management Team


NMR Incident Team Line Link


聯絡人:曾喜青 33662807