ASIAA/NTU CCMS/NTU Physics Joint Colloquium

Speaker: Chia-Ling Chien ( Johns Hopkins University)

Topic: Nanomagnets: Poles or no Poles

Time: 3/15 (Tuesday) 14:20 - 15:10

Place: Room 104, CCM-New Physics Building

Abstract: Magnets have been known since antiquity, but the intriguing phenomena in nanomagnets have been revealed only during the last decade made possible by advanced fabrication, imaging, measurements, theory, and simulation. Nanomagnets are small magnets with well-defined shapes in the submicron size range with competing exchange energy and magnetostatic energy. By tuning the size and shape of the nanomagnets, one can realize a variety of spin structures, some of which have no macroscopic counterparts. Nanomagnets containing vortices and antivortices also display fascinating dynamics under a magnetic field or electric current. Patterned nanomagnets are exploited in read-heads and MRAM, where the size and shape of the nanomagnets are as important as the intricate effects that enable the technology.

Brief Bio: 錢嘉陵教授為磁性材料世界級大師,尤其對研究奈米尺度的結構、電性、磁性與超導有許多重量級的研究。錢教授發表論文超過300篇,被引用上萬次,並已獲數 項國際性殊榮肯定。錢教授目前為美國約翰霍普金斯大學物理與天文系教授,並兼任該校材料科學與工程研究中心主任。此次演講將對奈米磁學的各種新穎現象作深 入淺出的介紹,您不可錯過!