Today\'s event: ASIAA/NTU CCMS/NTU Physics Joint Colloquium

Speaker: Peter So (蘇子正), MIT

Topic: Probing Cellular and Tissue Biochemistry Based on Fluorescence Spectroscopy & Imaging

Time: 4/26 (Tuesday) 14:20 - 15:10

Place: Room 104, CCM-New Physics Building

Abstract: Fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetime microscopy (FLIM/PLIM) are a powerful techniques to quantify cellular biomedical environment such as the concentration of metabolites. The combination of FLIM with fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), a technique described as a “molecular ruler”, further allows in vivo study of protein interactions. We will demonstrate that the FLIM-FRET approach allows us to start deciphering the protein interaction network governing important physiological processes such as mechanotransduction. While 3D resolved FLIM and PLIM are information rich, they are slow imaging techniques. We will present temporal focusing nonlinear microscopy as a solution that can improves FLIM-FRET data acquisition speed by several orders of magnitude. We will demonstrate high throughput FLIM imaging in resolving physiological structures in peripheral nerve regeneration devices and PLIM imaging in quantifying tissue oxygen partial pressure.

Brief Bio: 麻省理工學院的蘇子正教授 (Professor Peter T. C. So) 是國際級生物物理大師。在普林斯頓大學物理系Sol Gruner and Erramilli Shyamsunder教授們指導下取得博士學位後,蘇教授繼續在伊利諾大學香檳分校 Enrico Gratton教授實驗室從事博士後研究。蘇教授目前是麻省理工學院機械系與生物工程系教授。他所從事主要研究使用先進光學方法從事生物物理與生醫相關研究。除了在領發表過眾多高影響力的論文之外,蘇教授也是主要國際會議的領導性人物。如果您要知道一個物理學者如何成功進行世界級跨領域研究,請您千萬不要錯過蘇教授精彩的演講!